Peeling Cloth


An organic, handknitted peelingcloth for gentle and effective peeling of face and body. Use it as replacement for exfoliating cremescrubbers containing microplastic.
TOOCKIES peelingcloth exfoliates gently and easy dead skincells from the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and refreshed.


The cloth is made of 100% GOTS certified, organic, raw cotton, which provides the mild abrasive effect. Mashinewash at 90 degrees and keep a very high hygienic level.
On the packaging of the cloth you will find a label with the handwritten name of one of the women who knitted your cloth. Follow the link and read about this woman who under TOOCKIES FAIRTRADE project in Kolkata India is given good working conditions and a fair wage.


When the cloth, after a very long time of usage, needs to be replaced, you can just cut it up and mix it into your pottingmesh or leave it at the compostheap to the circle of nature.
TOOCKIES products consider all ethical aspects by being organic, FAIRTRADE and sustainable from cradle to cradle.


1 pcs. Approx 24 x 21 cm. Knitted in a pattern which provides a deeper abrasive effect.


Minor variaions in shape and colour might occur in all handmade products

Due to seasonal humidity in India, we recommend to wash all products before use in the event of a light smell of humidity.

Because of the raw cotton a natural plant colour extract might appear. This confirms the yarn is 100% raw cotton that has not been exposed to any chemicals etc. Any change of color will disappear after wash.




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