Sandstone Foot File


Beautiful, effective and not at least a gentle foot file made of Orsa sandstone at a stone masonry in Dalarne, Central Sweden. A sustainable product of nature.

Use the fluted side at the cracked and dry skin on your feet and especially at your heels, immediately after or during bath.


After using the file a few times the file smooths out stubborn cracks on the heel and is therefore particularly suitable for people with diabetes.


Finish your bath with a slight peeling of the body with the smooth side of the stone and finish with a good oil or lotion. Your skin will become smooth and soft and you will never have to buy expensive exfoliators again. The file will last a lifetime and is as sustainable as it can be.


Keep the file in its cork tray and enjoy the beauty of the stone in your bathroom.

The stone can be washed and scalded if needed.


This sandstone originates from Dalarna in central Sweden. The stone is 360 million years old and consists of silicon-bonded quartz. The sandstone is primarily used as building blocks, millstones, and grindstones due to its unusual abrasion resistance and long-lasting durability.


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