Peeling Sandstone


Facial peelingstone, crafted by hand, of solid Swedish sandstone. A sustainable and zero-waste product of nature.

Start using the peelingstone and save money and the environment from chemical exfoliators often containing micro plastic and in plastic packaging.
The stone efficiently removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin smooth and soft. Gently rub the skin only once or twice at the same spot in circular movements. Finish you treatment with your favorite facial lotion.


The file comes in a small cork case that makes it appealing to look at as a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

This sandstone originates from Dalarna in central Sweden. The stone is 360 million years old and consists of silicon-bonded quartz. The sandstone is primarily used as building blocks, millstones, and grindstones due to its unusual abrasion resistance and long-lasting durability.


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