Scrubbers (24 pcs)


(DKK 35,75 / pcs. excl. VAT)


Do you use the colored, two-sided plastic-sponges? Many of us do/did. They are practical and cheap. BUT, wash by wash, they slowly dissolve and end up in our environment as microplastic.


Make a difference and replace the plastic sponges into an organic and sustainable alternative: TOOCKIES scrubbers are made of raw, GOTS certified organic cotton and natural jute plant fibers, they have an abrasive effect equivalent to the tough and the mild side of the usual plastic sponge.


They do pots and pans, sinks and potatoes, bathrooms and chalkmarks, you name it. All without scratching!


They are handmade under FAIRTRADE conditions near Kolkata and on the packaging you find a label with the name of one of the knitters. If you go to the mentioned link on the packaging you can look her up.


The cloths are very longlasting , even though you wash them again and again on any degree you want. You can also tumble dry.


When the cloths eventually one day need to be replaced you can cut them up and mix them into your potting mesh or leave them to compost on the compost heap.


TOOCKIES SCRUBBERS considers all ethical aspects by being organic, Fairtrade and sustainable from cradle to cradle.


Size: APPROX 19 x 19 CM


Minor variaions in shape and colour might occur in all handmade products

Due to seasonal humidity in India, we recommend to wash all products before use in the event of a light smell of humidity.

Because of the raw cotton a natural plant colour extract might appear. This confirms the yarn is 100% raw cotton that has not been exposed to any chemicals etc. Any change of color will disappear after wash.



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  1. Lavinia Trade

    Har nu igennem ca et år anvendt Toockies Skureklude i min dagligdag.
    Dejligt at man kan skure og skrubbe uden brug af plastik og kemikalier. Nemme at bruge og så kan de tages med i almindelig kogevask. Jeg bruger dem både i køkken og badeværelse. Fjerner kalkpletter og terande med den lyse klud. Den brune bruger jeg til gryder, køkkenvask og fade, som har været på grillen. Bruger dem dagligt med god samvittighed og med tanke på den gode baggrundshistorie.
    /Elna, MØN.

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