From the great mountainsides of Sweden to you

Choose long-lasting high quality products and decrease your use of plastic

By using a durable and ever-lasting sandstone foot file from the solid mountainsides of Sweden, you can change the “buy-and-dispose” culture we are all a part of. You wont ever have to buy cheap and mass-produced foot- and nail files. Your carbon footprint on Earth will be much smaller in return.

The Lavinia Foot File can never be worn out; it will last for generations and maybe your grandchild will inherit grandma’s Nordic foot file!

The sandstone originates from Orsa, Dalarne Region in Sweden. The stone is 360 million years old and because of its unusual density and ever-lasting durability, the stone is primarily used as building blocks etc.

The sandstone is crafted by hand in a small family-run masonry and no forest is cut down to extract the stone.
The grains in the sandstone are so delicate that the mason many years ago developed the perfect design for our wonderful natural beauty products.

And the files are not like others…
They are effective
They are sustainable
They are 100% natural
They are handmade in Scandinavia

– and they are beautiful to have out for show in your natural and plastic-free bathroom. Aesthetic and of the highest quality!

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