These are the women who hand-knit our wonderful Toockies products. They are hard-working beautiful women trying to survive with dignity. Working with them is our way of contributing to the greater good.

Each of these women has a wish. Every Toockies purchase helps to make their wishes come true.

Read about their wishes below.


Aloka Tunga
Arrange money for a good moment



Anita Das
Earn extra  money for family



Anupama Panda Das

I work for carry to my own expenses



Chandana Das

I work for fulfill my children requirement



Hena Mondal

I want to help my husband



Ila Rani Kandar

Keep  my family happy



Manasi Jana

Husband Does not pay anything



Manju Tunga

I work for my family member treatment.



Mousomi Ghosh

My family total earning very little bit



Nioti Bhattacharya

Fulfill to my family requirement



Nomita Maity

Working for my Children



Samita Bhattacharya

I want to  become an independent lady



Sampa Das
I want to add extra money to my family income



Sanchita Hui

Husband income is low So I want to help him.



Srabani Hui

I want to Income some extra money




I work for my future saving

Lavinia Trade is showing the women who is a part of the project in 2019 and to this date.

If you can’t find the name that is written on your Toockies product, please search for it here: