Plastic is polluting our world – use sustainable alternatives without microplastic

Stop the microplastic that destroys our world

Micro plastics are millions of tiny pieces of plastic that pollutes throughout our world.
The plastic comes from different kind of products we use in our everyday life. Shoes and tires are huge sources, but also detergents, creams, clothes, microfiber fabric and many more products are polluting our environment with plastic.
Every minute, 24 hours a day, the quantity of a garbage truck is flooding the oceans with plastic. The plastic destroys the marine life. Plants, fish and sea animals are stifled and dies ashore because they have consumed too much plastic.
We humans also absorb plastic in our body through food and drink, and the researchers fear that the plastic pieces can harm our health. Most of the time though, the plastic disappears from the body, but the plastic attracts substances that increases the risk of serious illnesses.
Therefore, we must do something to slow down this global tendency – now!


“But how does it make any difference if I stop using
plastic sponges?”

Do you have this question in your mind? If so, you are not alone.
Exactly this remark I hear frequently when the talk falls upon micro plastic pollution. But nothing could be more relevant!
Only we can press the stop button – or even better, rewind the development.
Every single one of us participated in escalating the seriousness of the problem by using ordinary products. And every single one of us can rewind the development by using our power of being a consumer.
Every time you say no to plastic, you help the environment and stop the slow destruction of it.


Only you and I can stop the plastic pollution.

As consumers, we can help solve the problem.
We may not get rid of plastic entirely, but we have to use much less of it in our everyday life – and put pressure on the industry to do the same!
Only we can press the stop button.


Every time you say no to plastic, you help slowing down the environmental destruction.

Today you can get environmentally friendly alternatives to basically all plastic products.
For example, you can replace your plastic sponges and microplastic scrubbers with organic, sustainable scouring cloths and scrubbing gloves
They are effective, long-lasting – and they do not release any micro-plastic as they are 100% natural!


You are not alone in deselecting plastic

We are all becoming more and more aware of the problem. We want a cleaner world and we use our shopping cart to state our intentions. You can too.
You get a healthier and more environmentally friendly everyday life – and you’ll be happy and proud when we get the first news that the microplastic is on retreat!

Share the article with your friends and let’s join up.
Together we can stop and rewind the micro plastic pollution!


Best wishes